Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What Are We Waiting For, Lets Get Going !

Ready.....Let's Go !

  Mushing in the New Year has brought many new canine friends. Here you can see just how happy they are, so excited to go for a run. This short video clip will give you a little idea about how excited the team gets when it is time to run. Here, my team of 12 dogs are anxious to run the trail from Lake Louise Lodge back to Sheep Mountain Lodge, approximately a 60 mile run. 

Heading down the middle of Lake Louise with a spectacular skyline.

The trail leading off Lake Louise

The trail leading off the lake was soft and made it kind of slow going for the team. Once we got off the lake the trail was firm and fast. It was a wonderful, uneventful run, for the most part. We saw a herd of caribou in the Nelchina River Valley. 

Adjustment Stop

We took a stop to make some minor equipment adjustments. The mid afternoon sun was getting low in the sky which made for an wonderful photo opportunity.  The dogs are turning their heads wondering why we are stopping and looking to me for an answer. In a matter of moments they start their loud cacophony of protest, leaping and lunging into their harnesses.

One in the Basket

About 20 miles into the run, May was showing signs of fatigue. I gave her a bit of time to work through her "wall" but she was just not up to it. For the first time, I put a dog in my sled bag. May was more than happy to go for a ride. She turned her head to look at me with her blue expressive eyes, as if to question, is this o.k. ?  I patted her on the head, told her she was a good girl and she settled in for a rest. About fifteen miles later she was ready to get out of the sled bag and be back with the team. She had a great run and finished up the distance in great form.

Entering the Woods

 I love this photo. We wove our way across frozen sloughs, over rivers, weaving our way along narrow wooded trails. The trees in this photo look like they are laden with a thick sugar coating of frosting. There is beauty everywhere. Between all the sights, keeping a watchful eye on the team and the trail, the miles seem to effortlessly slip by.

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